FAIR PLAY campaign


Plant breeding provides the essential platform for competitive and sustainable UK agriculture, delivering major advances in the yield, quality and performance of our key arable crops.


Like royalties on certified seed, payments on farm-saved seed (FSS) support the continued investment in the development of improved varieties, bred for UK conditions.


Through the FAIR PLAY campaign, plant breeders and the farming unions are working together to safeguard future innovation in plant breeding by optimising the collection of FSS payments from individual farmers.


Since its launch in 2005, the FAIR PLAY campaign has made significant progress to:


  • Ensure farmers understand their legal obligations on FSS use
  • Highlight the benefits of continued investment in UK plant breeding
  • Develop improved arrangements for collecting FSS payments


As a result, the contribution of FSS payments to plant breeders’ income has more than doubled, and now accounts for a third of the total income available to support UK breeding programmes.


But there is still work to do to deliver 100% compliance on FSS payments, and the FAIR PLAY campaign continues to reinforce the need for all farmers using farm-saved seed to contribute fairly for the benefits of breeding innovation and investment.

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